Details II

I have a mad passion for ribbon. I think I should buy a crate of black grosgrain ribbon now to have on hand over the next 40 years or so. I've trimmed my entry walls, my living room curtains and a few tablecloths with black ribbon over the last few years. Too much? Well, I don't think so, yet, but it might be time to hold up.

Mrs. Blandings's entry hall. Why no trim above the wainscoting? Did I mention my three boys? Pick, pick, pick.
Ribbon is a great, inexpensive trim. I buy mine at the Dime Store, a Kansas City tradition, Michael's, Hyman Hendler and Sons and M and J Trimmings. Here are a few great examples of ribbon as trim:

These cloths, from the Neiman-Marcus catalogue in '04, would be so easy to replicate. The contrast stitching is so snappy.

Heidi Friedler's New Orleans home in Southern Accents.

This room is so fresh; does it owe it's charm to the ribbon detailing on the sofa pillow? Partly so, I think.

Osborne and Little ad circa 1998.

The pleated trim on this pillow is a nice accent, but can be a head ache for your workroom and costly for you. M and J offers a pleated ribbon trim that is available in grosgrain, velvet and satin.

Post script: In looking through the September issue of Domino tonight, Cynthia King reports New York designer Markham Roberts is a fan of M and J's grosgrain ribbon as well. We are so simpatico! But then again, Roberts is a Midwestern boy himself.

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