Thursday, August 30, 2007

East Cottage Concept

Let me refresh your memory of the East Cottage.

While the houses were built in 1911, they have a distict 1940's vibe. I'd love to keep that feel, maybe just a little cleaner, a little fresher.

My proposal will be sunshiny yellow walls - I'm not sure if we will paint the trim or leave it stained. This cottage is not as dark as the main house and Mr. Blandings, Sr. is struggling with painting the wood. Which I find typical for his gender. While there is plenty of furniture in both cabins, a new sofa will need to purchased for this living room. I'm thinking this yellow and white Lewis and Sharon outdoor fabric with a green contrast welt.

Milling Road, English Tight Back Sofa

Lewis and Sharon Lounge Stripe outdoor fabric, Buttercream, 19.98/yd

The existing wood frame chair (which I adore) in a fresh floral. Maybe...

Lewis and Sharon, Woodland in Fern, 13.98/yd

or something like it. There is also a leather chair which I'm not sure it staying. If it goes, maybe something like this:

Lewis and Sharon Slubby Linen in Moss, 19.98/yd

The kitchen floor needs to be replaced, but the white cabinets and a fresh coat of white paint should be great. I've found this green and white tile which should hold up well. There are odds and ends of some vintage china with a green and yellow floral that would look great on the wall.

Tiles and wall color.



The Peak of Chic said...

I think you're right on track with this one. I LOVE your choice of fabrics, esp. the yellow & white stripe and the green trim. That will look very Sister Parish!!!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Peak - Oh, hooray! Just what I was thinking!