New York State of Mind

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In few days I am off to New York. The main reason for the trip is to see a couple dear friends, rest and relax, and hold hands with Mr. Blandings without having to let go to fix someone's Lego ship. I have a short list of a few places I want to go to:

Charlotte Moss's townhouse. I mean, how can I not? You've all been talking about it for weeks; I do feel a bit left out.
John Derian - for the fabulous decoupage and objets.

Oh, and then, well, one thing you need to know about me is, well, I have a bit of a problem with jewelry. I don't buy that often, you know, because the children need things like clothes and shoes and books and braces. But, like going to a museum, sometimes I just need to go see some things. Maybe try them on. But I can quit anytime. So, there will also be stops at Faraone Mennella -

Ted Muehling for the candlesticks (available in bronze and silver - gorgeous in both)

oh, and his jewelry as well -

Here is Isabel Toledo being fabulous in House and Garden. Love the earrings.

And Tiffany. We actually have one in Kansas City, but they don't carry the Sugar Stack rings.

Glorious combination of precious materials in a Cracker Jack design. Can't you just feel them sliding on to your finger? Anyone else getting the shakes?

And, last, but certainly not least,

Chanel Fine Jewelry. These Profil de Camelia hoops are just the kind of everyday indulgence that makes oh-so-much-sense.
But the real reason for the post, other than getting to thumb through my jewelry folder, is to ask your advice. Where else, gentle reader? Any thoughts?

I put this HG image in because it's oh-so-pretty. Who wouldn't want a vanity that looked like this?

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