A Stitch in Time

OK, bear with me, I'm almost finished with this. If you live in Kansas City, and if you stitch, then mecca is The Studio. Formerly owned by the charming and talented Joanie Sherman, the ladies there have saved my neck on numerous potential stitching disasters. Mrs. Sherman has painted several of my favorite projects, the most recent is under-construction for the living room.

This design is vintage Mrs. Sherman; it is based on a Chinese screen at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

For many years, Mrs. Sherman has had a wholesale business, Studio Midwest, with a whimsical line of ornaments, scissor cases and purses. I have a bit of a Christmas ornament problem, needlepoint and otherwise. I have stitched an ornament each year for each of the boys. When they were small, I went the typical baby-shoe, train route. As they have gotten older they usually pick their own design. Several times, they have chosen Mrs. Sherman's "toppers" which come in a variety of designs.

Some of the designs - there are dozens, certainly every hobby I can think of is represented.

Some of our collection.

Oh, yes, anything is possible - especially if you ignore licensing issues. Not one of my favorites, but the boy for whom it was made - swoon.

This year she has added cars to her line-up. Last Christmas I stitched the proto-type for my youngest.

My understanding is they are available in Mini-Cooper, SUV, Jaguar and VW Bug. The cars are not yet on-line, but give Studio Midwest a shout and I'm sure they would help you out. Check your local deadlines for finishing in time for Christmas; the Studio's deadline is usually around Halloween.

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