To the Point

I needle pointed my first pillow sixteen years ago- a fish, for Mr. Blandings, who is a bit of an outdoors man. Since, I've rarely been without a project. Like all hobbies, it can become a bit of an obsession.

I stitched these nautical flags for all the boys; easy because you can draw them on the canvas yourself.

Sister Parish was a fan of needlepoint and was a stitcher herself. An ambitious project for even the most dedicated, this is the runner she stitched for her home in Maine.

Sister Parish's runner, Dark Harbor house, H&G Complete Guide to Interior Decoration, 1970

A veteran of Parish-Hadley, Bunny Williams, also uses a good bit of needlepoint in her rooms. Two of my favorite rooms are of her hand, both with great needlepoint projects on display.

I do not have credits for these images, however, Williams has written a wonderful book about the property in the top photo, An Affair with a House. The other images are her home in the city.

I'd consider Diamond Baratta current champions of American craft. Whether you like their style or not, I think you have to admire their courage and creativity. As with all of their designs, their needlepoint pieces take on a larger, bolder palette than traditional - to great affect.

House Beautiful, March 2003

House and Garden, April 2000

You do not have to confine your needlepoint to pillows - it's fabulous on furniture as well.

House and Garden, June 1997
House Beautiful, January 1995. Room by Christian Badin (so sorry for the quality of the image; it never occurred to me anyone else would ever see these pages.)

Horchow catalogue, 2001

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