Intaglio You're It!

You might remember this cover from Southern Accents. Jackye Lanham used this stunning collection of intaglios in the master bedroom of an Atlanta home published in the January '06 issue. When I see things like this, sometimes I think, "Oh, I like those, maybe I'll get some." Then I start doing a little research.

Tiberian Intaglio #17 " Mars and Venus"
From what I understand, intaglios were originally used as seals to identify property. Seems to me if you had property to identify in ancient Rome, you were probably doing ok. They are often made of precious stones or ivory or some such yummy substance. I think a lot of what we see now are casts of the originals.

I love the way they are often framed en masse; many in a frame and, again, often a series of frames on a wall.
That being said, they are quite dear. You don't just "get some."

A collection of (12) Painted and 23Kt
parcel gilt frames having ten Intaglios in each frame; Tiberian Design
And while I like the idea of staggering these up my staircase, it seems unlikely that it will happen any time soon.

 A collection of (12) Painted and 23Kt
parcel gilt frames having a single seal in each frame; Tiberian Design

Tiberian Intaglio #54 " The combat between
Idas and Apollo "
However. What if we twist things around a bit? Instead of framing something precious and unique, what about something common. I'd love to use my ever-growing collection of shells in just this manner. Each frame with the same type, but varying size of shell. The same paper background as Ms. Lantham used, or perhaps different colors for each.

What about marbles? Fabulous.

Mr. Gambrel did something similar with eggs.

As The Peak of Chic pointed out recently, framing is not an inexpensive project in itself. But I think it might be telling to take something you have jars and jars of and mass them together on a wall.
Go ahead, mark your property.

All intaglios available on 1st Dibs at time of post.  Images labeled Tiberian Designs can be found here.

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