Make New Friends....

When I used to hear those stories, you know, the ones about the crazy people who met their spouse, or boyfriend or convicted felon on line I'd think, "weird." But now I get it. Having not come completely unhinged, I know there is a difference between my on-line friends and, say, the ones who are the god parents to my children. But still, I get it.

Last week, I met a new friend. At least I hope she will be. She stopped by for a little eye candy and offered this - the illustration from yesterday.

I checked her site (well, you have to be careful) and look what I found:

So charming. Just the kind of thing I wish I could do myself. But can't.

After attending the College of Design in Cincinnati, Patricia van Essche has worked for a few of the most esteemed organizations in the country. I hate to name names, but Ralph, Calvin and Liz are more than labels in her closet. And she's gorgeous. (Ok, so she might have a rap sheet, but I'm thinking not.)

Now she creates wonderful illustrations and patterns. If you live close by, she can even do something pretty terrific for your home. Stop by her site, look around, introduce yourself, maybe you'll make a new friend, too.

Because there is nothing better than a good book. Except maybe a new friend to loan it to when you're finished.