Carter for President

Ok, you've seen a few of my favorite haunts already. Parrin and Co., Christopher Filley, Scott and Warren, Retro Inferno. The first two are in our antiques district and the later are in the Crossroads. There's another little spot I know, a diamond in the rough. The store's the diamond, and while the neighborhood isn't exactly rough, it's not exactly charming either.

But come on in, the stuff is fine.

These Johnson Hadley Johnson chairs live at Nick Carter's at 3410 Main Street. Right across from Costco. (There are 4; 1200 each pair.)

It's a crazy little mix of just about everything good. A little mid century over here.

Little chinoiserie over there. (This screen reminds me of Style Court and her headboard obsession.)

Entry hall? Powder room? Vanity?

Nick Carter also carries a lovely selection of Arts and Crafts pieces.

This very well could be the fixture from the Blandings's entry hall of our first house. It was, unfortunately, a split level with several retro light fixtures. I sold them immediately, for almost nothing, but it was before it was all the rage.

This could bring a smile to your face as you're Wisking away.

The color on this set was lovely and unique. It would be great to mix in with black pieces as well.

Vote for Nick. He knows things.