A Creative Mind

In my past life, I worked at one of the city's charitable foundations. We did a lot of good. We also spent a lot of time talking about how and what we were doing. This process led to a lot of meetings. In one such meeting, I was called on to record. One of the focuses of the foundation was education, so we had many former teachers working there. In the room. Where I was to record. So, one thing you need to know is, I'm a terrible speller. Truly awful. So, as I went before this room of very bright people I had to say, "I am willing to record, but I am a terrible speller. If you noticed I've misspelled something, you must tell me." One of the women in the room, a former principal, particularly smart, well-respected and gorgeous, said, "Weakness in spelling is a sign of a creative mind." I don't know if this is true, but I will be forever grateful.

That is why these appeal to me.

This image was in the Kansas City Star last week, and these dictionaries reminded me of the of that kind and smart woman. If you have a weakness, at least be stylish about it. Graphic Image offers Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary in a variety of hues. But when I logged on to see these gems, look what else I found.

Entertaining journals with place setting information, seating charts, a place for your entertaining resources, as well as pages to record the details of each and every event.

These are also available in a rainbow of colors and textures. These, and most of the other styles, can be personalized. What? Oh, other styles? Yes, lots.

With graph paper.

Spirals with lined paper and perforated pages.

Date books in a number of sizes. They also have wine journals and golf journals and family histories, picture frames and picture albums.

Go ahead, it's OK to be a little weak.