Gio Ponti

Until the Thomas O'Brien article in House and Garden, I did not know that Gio Ponti was involved in the production of ceramics. Putting this in print now makes me blush. Ponti trained in Milan and received his degree in architecture in 1921. In 1923 he assumed the position of creative director for Richard Ginoiri and changed the shape of the company. Literally.

The pieces are both modern and primitive. While I've chosen all black examples here, he did many in clear glass and color.
It's interesting to see that diversifying your design genius is not a new idea. Ponti designed sinks and toilets for the line as well.

In the late 1940's he began to collaborate on furniture productions with Piero Fornasetti. Ponti designed the furniture and Fornasetti applied the decoration. Their collaboration and friendship endured until Ponti died in 1979.

This desk was featured in one of the shelter magazines fairly recently. It made me gasp when I first saw it, but I did not know the significance of the design at the time.

A similar piece is on 1st Dibs as of this post. Fornasetti's family produces reproductions of certain designs each year.
While the butterflies are captivating, I think I'll keep my eye out for that inky, matte pottery. Maybe it's the season, but I can't get enough of the finish and the funky shapes. Plus, it would add a little tension with the classic basalt ware. Well, I don't have any of that either. Yet.