"Hello, Gorgeous."

This past weekend Mr. Blandings and I had his twentieth college reunion here and in Lawrence. We still see a lot of folks we went to school with, but there were a lot of guys in from out of town. It was non-stop coordinating, scheduling, babysitting and fun.

Unexpectedly, and old friend from my past showed up - and she looked great.

Oh, you remember office chair, right? A little sad?A little tired? Definitely looking her age? Well, she's preening now. She's blissfully blushing at her own beauty. Frankly, she knew she had it in her, she just needed a little lift.

We are so happy to have her back.

Then, as is often the case at these type of things, we caught up with old friends, and made a few new ones. Some were wives we hadn't met yet, two arrived by UPS.

I did snap up two of the Reed and Barton bowls on ebay

We're exhausted. I'd say I was talked out, but Mr. Blandings and I are laughing and laughing as we rehash the weekend. And college. And the feeling of knowing you have old friends who have your back even if you haven't seen them in twenty years.