Kansas City Rock Star

I'm not sure how I missed this. A couple of weeks ago the New York Social Diary interviewed Thomas Britt. I don't know if you ever read the Social Diary; I'm sure I got started after being referred by another blogger. They profile interior designers about twice a month. The funny thing is, their interviews always sound a bit Sasha Baron Cohenesque.

A little Biedermeier, a little tortoise shell, some turquoise. Fabulous.
Thomas Britt is a designer of the old school. Which is not to imply that he is stuffy, he's not. But he is not afraid of the formal-to-over-the-top interior.

A tented room always appeals - as does the snappy black and white stripped ribbon trim.
His apartment in New York is just as it should be. Filled with beautiful antiques, classic styling and a confident use of color, the home announces that a style maven lives here.

The blue satin upholstery reminds me of the Paley's brown satin in their drawing room by Parish Hadley.
A style maven who admits to being at Studio 54 in the day. Almost nightly.

These birds, I love.

Wonderful style. Gracious nature. Witty sense of humor. Hmmm...might he be from Kansas City?

This room was inspired by the Royal Pavilion at Brighton; it feels like one of the ivory pagodas all grown up.
Parchment covers most of the books. Quite charming to own a set of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Don't miss the floors.

Wouldn't you know. One of the things that is so telling in this profile is that the interviewer asks him a question concerning money and he replies that he was not raised to talk of such things. In some ways, Kansas City doesn't change.

Nervous throughout much of the interview, he's particularly concerned that the photographer will go upstairs. Not allowed. Too much of a mess.
This is my kind of guy.