Miss Scarlett, In the Library, with a Candlestick

I'm not making a political statement, but it's supposed to be autumn here. If there is an upside to mid-western weather, it's the seasons. They are - or they used to be - distinct. Winter, cold and snowy. Spring, fresh and windy (and a little rainy, truth be told.) Summer, hot and steamy. Fall. For me, fall was the pay-off for all the rest. Cool and crisp it is/was a bright riot of color. And just my colors, red, yellow and orange.

Mario Buatta in AD. A fan of Sister's, looks like he appreciated Hadley as well.

But, it's 80 degrees. So, like Megan, I'm pretending it's fall. You might think I"m outside playing ball with the boys, but no. When the house is quiet and there is a chill in the air, I love to be inside reading a book. And where better than the library?

Former Vice President and Mrs. Al Gore's home by Parish-Hadley, Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer, Adam Lewis

It's difficult to think "library" and not have all these stately images come rushing at you. Let's face it, if you have a room you can devote to books, it says you have the luxury of a little free space.

Ralph Lauren's Bedford, NY library
Usually rich in detail and color, these rooms are made for comfort. To me, they are cozy and powerful at the same time.

Go ahead, Sister, plant that 18th c. English secretary right in the middle of your bookcases. Why shouldn't you? Sister Parish's home, HG's Best in Decoration, 1987. Don't miss the needlepoint chair.
And while a library would be an extravagance, they are usually smaller rooms. Tight and confined, they are holding something dear.

MAC II for Bill Blass from HG's Best in Decoration, 1987. Black doors and trim and the library lamps make this one of my favorites.

Knowledge? Yes. And heirlooms and treasures. In the past, perhaps a keeping place of souvenirs of it's master's travels. Imagine the ivory and tortoise, turquoise and tea.

Mari Ann and Michael Maher's home, Elle Decor, July/August '07

And today, more of the same. Except with a Mac.

Image, top, the gold standard. Mrs. Vincent Astor's library, Albert Hadley.