Oh, the Candlestick.

If I were going to clobber Mr. Body with a candlestick (I'm still working with my "Clue" theme - see yesterday's title) it would be this one. I've had a crush on Ted Muehling's silver and bronze candlesticks for E. R. Butler and Co. for a very long time.

Ted Muehling and one of his magnificent bowls for Steuben.
Mr. Muehling as been designing jewelry and table ware since 1976. A graduate of the Pratt Institute, he's inspired by forms of nature.

My biggest problem has been deciding between the bronze and the silver. The silhouette of the bronze is so striking; perfect for my mantle. But the silver is such a modern twist on a classic theme. And then they did this.

Town and Country's latest issue has a feature on the appeal of black and gold. And look. Those devils, Mr. Muehling and his cohorts at E. R. Butler added not one, but two gold finishes. Now, in addition to the fabulous bronze and the striking silver, you can have either polished or pumiced gold.

And if you thought I couldn't tie this one back to Kansas City, you'd be mistaken. On the E.R. Butler web site, the candles they recommend for these works of art? Creative Candle. Do you know them? They are right here "in town." Home grown. I knew they were great, in fact, they are the only kind I use. Just one more example of how we do things right in the heartland. You don't have to hit me over the head.