Friday, November 30, 2007

Holly Anne's Jam

While milling around at a cocktail party before Thanksgiving, I fell into a discussion of cooking the turkey. And stuffing. And how to make your cranberries and on and on. One darling friend from Arkansas was so worried; she wanted to present her mother with the memorable kind of feast her mother had made for her for all those years. And then I had to confess, I am a terrible cook. As I explained my plight, my darling friend drawled, "You aspire to mediocre." Indeed.

Fortunately, some people excel at just this kind of thing. And one of them happens to be one of my good friends. For many years, my friend Holly gave out the most wonderful raspberry jam as her Christmas treats. I know you're thinking, "Jam. Nice." No, no. Amazing, wonderful, out-of-this-world jam. I hid it from my children. Do you think I'm kidding? I'm not. I received an e:mail from another woman last week wondering if I had heard of this jam. "It makes me wake up thinking of toast."

And Holly, being the smart girl that she is, is sharing her jam with the world. Now available on-line, Holly Anne's Jam can become your own little Christmas treat. Even the color is of the season!


dizzielizzie said...

This jam is heaven to your taste buds. My out of town guests call in advance to make sure I will have a jar in stock for breakfast toast!

SGM said...

You hid it from your children! hee hee. I must check this out.

Mrs. Blandings said...

SGM - truly. I wouldn't even let them have ANY in case they would want it again. Mine, all mine.

Anonymous said...

Would be the one thing I'd take if stranded on a deserted island..until I realized I would need the toast and toaster, too. But it's THAT good!