You might remember from a previous post, that I was stitching up some fun for the Blandings boys for Christmas. Each year they pick ornaments, usually something to do with their current obsession, and I work away to have them finished before we put up the tree.

The eldest's red Jaguar.

This year, with a bit of encouragement, they all chose cars from Joanie Sherman's new line.

The mal-adjusted middle child's yellow Mini. I'm kidding. He's not mal-adjusted. Yet.

Joanie has painted and designed so many of my projects; she's a local treasure.

And the youngest's (I am not a baby) orange bug.

There are other models in the line including SUV's for those of us who want to be environmentally conscience, but just had too many kids who have too much stuff.

The great thing about these projects is they are small, easy to hold and don't take that much time. Unlike the Chinese chrysanthemum that is currently languishing in a bag.

You can contact the Studio on line to order ornaments for next year. See, you're not behind, you're ahead!

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