and the Oscar Goes To...

For a girl who doesn't care much about clothes, I have an out-of-character obsession with Oscar de la Renta. I didn't used to read fashion magazines, and then when I felt my dewy freshness might have passed, I thought it was time to look as if I might know what I'm doing. And just like with Gambrel or Hagan or O'Brien, I can usually guess when the image is de la Renta.

Yep, needlepoint on the ottoman and pillows of both sofas. Leopard. 300 tulips on the commode. Good start.

And in December of 1985 the editors of House and Garden must have felt that same little quickening of the pulse.

Oh, yes. Strong dose of aqua with your red? Perfect. Let's be friends.

There is not much in the feature about the actual apartment. It's in New York. It was designed by Denning and Fourcade. (It was shot by Oberto Gili, whose work I am also beginning to recognize.) There is a distinct Middle Eastern influence mixed in with the 80's opulence.

This green, well, this green used like this, not a la Wearstler, is a bit out of fashion, but what you might miss is the crocodiles at the top of the Regency mirror.

The article focuses mostly on the fabulousness of de la Renta himself.

Stenciled faux bois cabinet by Fourcade. English silver. Oh, and two Faberge decanters with the imperial eagle. The entire dining room is painted in this fashion and the ceiling is a robin's egg blue.

It is the perfect lay out for the holidays. Red and green and gilt galore.

This is such a great mix. The Lee Jofa fabric and cord against the burled wood look so English, but the icons surrounding the bed add a different flavor alltogether. The patterns in this room are extravagent , but the bedding is as simple as a nun's.

So while I still fall back on jeans and a white shirt more than I should, Oscar does not.

Gorgeous then.

Gorgeous now. We could all use a little Oscar.

Fashion photos courtesy of, Fall 2007 collection.