In the current issue of World of Interiors (How could I resist? The cover is the most wonderful yellow, black and white.) there is a little mention of Chinoiseries, by Bernd Dams and Andrew Zega.

The publisher, Connaissance & Memories has printed a limited edition of 300 copies of the artists' 50 watercolor portraits of these amazing structures. Not for the light of wallet, these beauties go for over $1,000 (American.)

As I am barely keeping up with Courtney and Joni on their book recommendations, this didn't seem like a good idea. But, oh my, they are so pretty. So I started clicking around and found these.

Dams and Zega's watercolors are available as well. And they are gorgeous. Sadly, there are even more dear than the book. Still, they seem worth their price tag (3,000 - 5,000) if you can swing it. I can't.

But don't despair. Two different avenues are a very real possibility if you, like me, just need a little something. Chinoiseries is being printed by Rizzoli and has a scheduled release of April 1, 2008. List price is $60, but you can get it for less through the big box retailers, to whom I won't link. So sorry, I'm an independent bookseller fanatic.

Can't wait? Have to have a little Chinoiserie right now, Veruca? Note cards are available for $3/a piece. Collections include Chinoiserie, Chateaus and Pavilions, Vases, Sculpture and Ironwork, and Garden Follies. Seems they might be pretty jazzy framed and hung en masse in a powder room.

It's not an indulgence at all. Totally practical. I mean, you will have to write all those thank you notes on something.