Class, It's Friday, Pop Quiz

Trolling through the files of the vintage magazines is easy inspiration. The thing is, not everything is noteworthy, exactly, but some of it is interesting because it is the work of a very prominent designer. Ten years ago. So, today, I'm offering the first of what will be occasional "Name That Designer" quiz.

I will promise a couple of things. 1) I won't exclude images because they might be an obvious hint, and, 2) I will credit the first person who identifies the designer on line and provide an example of current work.

This story is fun as its colors lend themselves so much to the season. The layout appeared in House and Garden in December of 1987.

The homeowner (and I'm not being coy here, she wasn't identified) was having trouble describing what she wanted, "As close as I could come, was the kind of a house Myrna Loy and William Powell lived in, in a movie I couldn't name - not Mr. Blandings."

And if you are afraid I'm taking offense, I am not, as this is a very ill-informed comment. Loy and Grant were our Mr. and Mrs. Blandings. Loy and William Powell starred in four "Thin Man" movies as charming and witty detectives, whose homes were mostly very modern and sleek. Definitely worth watching. But nothing to do with this style of house.

This image should tip my hand. What do you win? The same thing my 11-year-old son gets when he does well on a test - the satisfaction of a job well-done. Begin.