A Little Holiday Sparkle

I adore this cut velvet and linen fabric on the chairs.

Just a quick treat as I'm out the door to finish up the shopping. This layout is in the current issue of Spaces, our home town shelter magazine.

I recommended these French, metal garden chairs to a woman I know. Poor her, lucky Chuck.
As this is Kansas City, you'll see this all ties together. Zim Loy, who was a finalist in the Domino contest, is the editor. The apartment belongs to Chuck Matney, the floral designer who did the flowers in David Jimenez's wonderful home for the Kappa House Tour last year. And those amazing dining room chairs are from Parrin & Co., Barbara Farmer's shop that I have profiled here before.

This is the kitchen. Which makes me smile, because I want to cook just enough to need a kitchen like this.
Sleek and elegant, mostly the same tone with pops of color, the apartment reflects Matney's handy-work with flowers as well.

His arrangements are often one type of flower, generally one color. They are sculptural and relaxed at the same time.

Just the kind of soothing and elegant treat you might want to give yourself as you are running around like a crazy person trying to create the magic for everyone else.