Mirror, Mirror

I have a picture of a mirror in my head. Not a non-existent mirror that I have dreamed up, although I do have a problem with that kind of thing as well. No, a real image of a mirror from one of the many design books in my office. I think.

I was sure it was from Mariette Himes Gomez's "Rooms." So, I whisked it under my arm on the way out the door this morning.

Alas, it was not there. But I noticed, as I was flipping frantically, then thumbing slowly, that Gomez has a way with mirrors and maybe that was why I thought it had to be there.

Most of the mirrors she chooses are almost works of art. While her rooms are usually crisp and subtle, her mirrors have a lot of interest.

I think she is especially strong with furniture placement, but noticed today that she has a great eye for placing mirrors and art as well.

She often uses pairs, which always seems just right. This little vignette above would be pretty easy to replicate on almost any budget. And so charming.

The chinoiserie mirror is terrific, but especially so as it is placed in this pristine environment. All that white makes it pop.

I noticed the smaller mirror on larger mirror a couple of times. The arrangement above is genius as it is reflecting the light from the window which makes the whole room sunny and warm. Also, who doesn't want a vanity mirror? Instant glamour.

So, like running into a good friend, it was fun to see Mariette again. Now I have to go home and see if I remembered something real or not. Large, oval, black with white "dots," possibly mother-of-pearl or ivory inlay? Does she sound familiar? Let me know. Wild goose chases welcome; something good is always bound to turn up.

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