Virtual Hudson

My big-city friend is off to Hudson, New York for the new year and told me to check 1st dibs to see if there was anything I might want him to check on while he's there. Darling, David; he's always so thoughtful. Might be chilly, just let me get my gloves. Here we go.

Gris. These painted regency dining chairs would be just the thing to bring a little life the dining room. I adore good, brown wood tables with painted chairs. And twelve - quite a find.

Next to Balsamo for the 1920's fire wood basket.

And, as luck would have it, a perfect bedside table.

It is chilly, let's stop for coffee. Ok, to Gottlieb Gallery. Oh, my. The dining room is shaping right up. I've been looking for a pair of something great in look but not in stature to flank the bay. These lacquered steel cabinets are perfection.

I have also been on the hunt for a pair of obelisks and am loving the Egyptian imagery on these.

Oh, heavens, a star sighting. There's Rock. He always looks fabulous, doesn't he?

Benjamin Wilson has a lovely Chippendale chest, and I will be needing something a little jazzier to go under the new Irish Georgian mirror for the front hall. It may be a tad too deep. I wish I had my tape.

Another wonderful chest at Ad Lib. This one might be better for the bedroom.

Can't forget the outside. Zinc lidded urns. Swoon.

Historic Materialism (I wish I'd thought of that) has a wonderful pair of masonic temple columns. Fabulous, and a conversation starter. I'm not sure I have the right spot. Keeping these in mind. Oh, heavens, my feet are killing me. I should never have worn these boots. Will I ever learn?

Arenskjold has this amazing, amazing ivory sewing box. It would fit in the suitcase. No shipping. That would be handy.

Goodness. There's so much more to see, but I'm completely beat and must get these shoes off. I think we all need a drink. Oh, I do hope he asks me again next year. That was so much fun.