It's Curtains For You

This was the original concept for my dining room. Nina Campbell tortoise paper, yellow silk curtains held back, round table (Dessin Fournir) and an oushak. Jazzy art.

Phillip Sides, Southern Accents, November/December, 2001.

Yes, I did notice my bay isn't quite this size. And, no, I won't be using, what, four widths of fabric, but still. This was the idea. Seven years ago. An idea whose time has come.

Maybe it was Gambrel's sumptuous Clarence House taffeta curtains in Elle Decor this past November that has spurred me on. It's a little hard to tell from these pictures, but there is a brown border running down the leading edge.

I, too, was thinking gold leaf iron rods (his may be brass, but I don't think so) mounted to the ceiling. I will need the center support over the bay.

It's not your eyes, or your screen, the ceiling is blue. Not smudgy turquoise, although I wanted to use the description, more of a robin's egg.

My first thought, seven years ago, was silk. I like this Cowtan & Tout, but every time I see it in my head I'm concerned of my reaction if someone were to say, "Did you get those at Restoration Hardware?"

I don't have a problem with Restoration Hardware curtains, in fact, I think they are well made and a handy short cut. But if you are going to have custom, well, it should look it.

Bachelor #2 is a decadent wool. It has an amazing hand; the drape is divine. There is a natural sheen to the right side that gives it a dimension I adore. I think because of the color, it won't be too heavy in the warmer months.

This is the leading candidate, I must admit. The nagging question is the finishing. Should they hang straight? Pull back? I think the ball fringe is out, no? A tape? Gorgeous and long and straight like your baby sitter's hair in the 70's? I don't know.

I am going to do a cushion for the window seat. It can be removed if we need to serve from there until the matching demilunes are discovered. Chocolate mohair, pretty sure on that. I had originally thought the beaded trim, but it's all taking a more restrained tone now and I don't want to make window seat feel like a hussy.

A little shine is in order, though. How about a satin contrasting welt?

This is not the mystical powder room project; I'm ready to order.

So, I need your advice. Did you keep that all straight?

1) silk v. wool
2) curtain trim
3) pulled back v. straight
4) beaded trim v. satin welt
5) a different idea altogether
6) Gambrel is fantastic, yes or yes

It's a lively crew and I can't imagine we will all agree, so no hard feelings if your "vote" doesn't win. I'd like to order ASAP. Help a poor girl out, will 'ya?