20.51, or the Better Half of 41

In the last of my presidential posts, I have to give a little shout-out to Barbara Bush. As I mentioned before, my dad has had to opportunity to work on every presidential election since 1960.

He has always spoken very kindly of Barbara Bush. In his experience, she was always lovely and gracious to the press. Not everyone is. He has recounted witnessing her watch election results sitting on the floor while campaign insiders buzzed about.

In June, 1989, House & Garden showcased the Bush's home in Kennebunkport. While I never had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Bush myself, the image, below, seems to reflect my dad's impression. (I don't know if there was a designer involved on the project, but I'm getting a little Sister Parish vibe off this.  I will now think all houses in Maine are appointed this way.)

I don't care for women who put on airs, be they First Ladies or grade school mommies. I'd much rather sit on the floor and dish with the gal wearing a big double-strand of pearls.