Clinton White House

West Sitting Hall. Clinton retained Nancy Reagan's yellow curtains. It appears Bush might have done the same. Further confirmation that yellow curtains are a good idea.

Now, before you get yourself all worked up, I'm just posting a little history here. A while back, Courtney was pondering which designer each Presidential (U.S.) candidate might choose to personalize the White House.

We do have a bit of insight into Clinton's style, as she's been there before. Then Mrs. Clinton, now Senator Clinton, invited House Beautiful to see how she and the President had transformed certain rooms for their tenure.

The Oval Office.
Louis Oliver Gropp's letter reads much like Paige Rense's letter in this month's Architectural Digest. Apparently, when they are ready, they just ring you up. Seems our current First Lady has been working on a bit of re-do herself. Stealthily, I mean "quietly," Mrs. Bush has been working a little spit and polish. Her rooms are lovely, you can see them yourself on-line, and I hope someone captures me looking that adoringly at Mr. Blandings just once in my life.

Anyway, Mrs. Clinton employed the services of Arkansas designer Kaki Hockersmith. One wonders if she would get the nod again; Senator Clinton could call up the services of a dozen of the country's top designers today and not have to make a toll call.

The Lincoln Sitting Room.

We'll wait and see. The antique dealers here are telling me, "I pray for someone like Jackie. Jackie was great for business."
The Treaty Room, the President's study.

All images, House Beautiful, March, 1994.