Girlie Girl

When I was expecting my third baby, I convinced myself I was having a girl. Two weeks before the sonogram (I'm such a Christmas-present-peeker, of course I find out) I planned her entire room. I had to work with some existing pieces, but it was yellow and green and white floral perfection. Post-sonogram, I slid the bag into a closet and moved on.

Every now and again I have the opportunity to help decorate a little girl's room, and, I have to say, I take these projects with relish. When I started the latest, I went digging through my files for the image, top. It's a Cowtan & Tout ad from 1994. I was convinced it would be discontinued. Like the third sonogram, my instincts were wrong.

Papillon Jardin is alive and well, and hopefully will soon be living in the room of a charming little girl.

No 80's excess here (although, if you're going over the top, kids rooms can be a fun place to do it. "Taste" and "restraint" are rarely in their vocabularies.) Two big pillows on the bed, that's all.

We are using existing furniture from the guest room - this wonderful bamboo from Williams-Sonoma Home. Having had a little faux-bamboo in my own childhood haven, I'm thrilled for her to have such classic pieces.

White bedding, maybe a little pink trim. She hasn't stomped her foot, but a room with no pink would definitely be a deal breaker.

I love this striped blanket from Pine Cone Hill and the gals at Stuff are getting me a sample.

Also on the way, this jazzy little paper from Schumacher (featured in Chassie Post's loft in Domino) for the bath. Just a little wall space, existing white cabinets and black countertops.

Pink walls. Pale pink. No Barbie pink. I had to draw the line somewhere. Clients. They can be so temperamental. Especially when they are five.