Green and White and Fresh All Over

Courtney has posted a few really great, fresh florals in the past week or so. The latest, top, is featured on a vintage chair at Downtown, in L.A., of which I have heard but never visited. Downtown, I mean. Well, L.A., too, come to think of it, but that is neither here nor there.

And my other fave is a Peter Dunham print that comes in three colorways. All shades of green and white. I've quit saying I don't like a color. I used to say I didn't like green, but really what I don't care for, for me, is, say, hunter green. Apple green? Yum. The kitchen of the dream house was painted such a fabulous color of apple green when we bought it that we have kept it. It photographs poorly and always looks too mint or too manic, but this is it.

My, I am meandering today. We had a (not-so-much, only-two-inches) snow day yesterday and I'm having a little trouble focusing. Anyway, when Courtney posted her Peter Dunham prints, I told her that I have an antique print that could have inspired the fabric.

It didn't. But it could have. It did inspire me. I did not know quite what I wanted for this spot, but had committed myself to keeping the room green, black and white. Not that anyone knew that, or would notice, but I did.

So, the wall space that I see everyday, several times, as I head out the door to school, to the store, to work, stayed blank. Waiting. Then, one day, breezing through Pear Tree (a fabulous spot in Crestwood) I saw this. At first I feared it was too big, but was delighted to find it just right. This is my long-winded way of thanking Courtney for the post, as it made me see the print again. On my way out the door to school and to the store and to work. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the best things have been right there in front of us all along.