Hicks Tops Kelly's Tricks

Mr. Blandings, on several occassions, has had to remind me that I'm not always right. I do think eldest girls come by this a bit naturally and I'm sure my sister would agree.

But when we played the dining room curtain game, a few folks were concerned that the brown and white and yellow were a little bit trendy. Maybe so-five-minutes ago. A particular L.A. designer's name might have been mentioned.

So, it's not so much that I need to be right, as much as I need to clarify the vision. While I was looking for Mr. Britt's beach house night before last (I must get my tear sheets organized!) I ran across this David Hicks layout from House Beautiful, March 1998.

Hollywood Regency was not on my radar screen when the concept was born. David Hicks and Mark Hampton sat down at the table of my imagination and dreamed it up. Of course, I wish I could edit like this. Every piece a sculptural statement.

Hicks had taken a break from decorating and had been working on garden design. This was a re-design or his home in Albany.

He wanted to make a statement, "Bold, stark, disciplined." I have tried to make that statement on occassion and it often just looks like I don't have any stuff. Cold, bare, boring.

I need a pair of something flanking the bay. I'm not sure it's gilded eagle console tables, but maybe. I dig this room so much I can barely stop looking at in. The purple trips me up a bit, but he is design royalty after all.