I had been begging for a Mac. I was so sure I was the hip young guy in sneakers and not P.C. Who wants to be P.C.? In any sense of the word? But then, right before Christmas, I told Mr. Blandings, "Please don't get me a Mac for Christmas. I'm too busy. I can't learn a new system right now. "

So, I'm struggling a bit with my new Mac. (Which was why there was no post on Friday. Busy day, waited too long, Mac and I had a big fat fight. I showed excellent control and maturity and did not throw the mouse.) I hate to be ungrateful, and Mr. Blandings is hating it, too, but I'm not sure this old dog can learn a new trick. Even if it means being un-cool. So, I have two systems running concurrently. I'm trying to move over, and I mostly have, but have kept the crutch of the old system just in case. Mr. Blandings thinks it looks like I have taken up day trading.

I'm not tidy anyway, and with the added computer, my desk is a mess. But yesterday I ran across this ad that I had torn out. A sucker for black and white always, I had to check out these varying sizes of circular tile. Fab.

So, to I go. And looky here. Damask tile in these smoky, edgy colors.

And then, one click away. A Chinoiserie toile tile. It's in the "thin" section, so one would assume it's thin, although I did not go into the PDF file because, well, I think things like that are a drag.

In black and red. Stop it. You could tile a whole powder room floor to ceiling.

Now that would be cool.