BFFs, Me & Martha

You know, I've always liked Martha Stewart. I'm not saying I think everything she does is fabulous. In fact, I've never had a Martha Stewart recipe turn out well. Mr. Blandings claims she holds back one ingredient in everything so it comes out a little off. He thinks this is how she maintains her illusion of superiority.

But, you have to take the bad with the good. With every friendship you have to expect a little, "Gosh, it makes me crazy when she does that." One assumes one's friends might even feel the same way.

So I was not a bit surprised when I dropped in on I Suwanee this morning and saw Martha's absolutely adorable beach towels. (I let you check them out there, she has so many great things to see.)
I went searching and look what I found. Fabulous rugs.
Don't assume that because they are at Macy's they are inexpensive, because they are not.

But I do think they are pretty jazzy. (Anon, I almost said rockin' or fierce, but I didn't want to be reminded of how old I am, yet again.)

This lavender is especially pretty.

And, if Courtney is right, the jewel tones of this rug will put you ahead of the crowd.

Perhaps the animal print in a neutral colorway will help you dip your toe. That Martha, she knows things.