Freudian or Jungian?

Frankly, you don't have enough time to hear about my mother. But, I was in Brookside on Wednesday, and World's Window, a symphony of imports and snappy gifts, was carrying some of these action figures.

Who says only those with a fascination for fantasy a la Marvel Comics and Steven Spielberg get to have miniatures of their idols?

Hero worship is all relative, right?

It is certainly your choice to be, or not to be, a collector of such kitch.

Not to be morbid, but maybe you would want only this, and nothing more.

I know Aesthete's Lament is a purveyor of the classics.

And, Mamacita would surely be persuaded to pony up. My question is, if Accoutrements put out a line of famous designers, who would make up your collection? (Ask the Blandings boys, it's all about the collecting.)

Nancy Lancaster? She would definitely come with this hat and coat.

Van Day Truex? And a place setting of Tiffany bamboo?

John Fowler? Crown included.

Albert Hadley? Glasses, for sure.

Billy Baldwin? Brown vinyl box.

David Hicks? "on decoration" firmly grasped.
Or maybe you would go with a more current crew. Kelly Wearstler; full wardrobe, including wigs.

Thomas O'Brien? Alone. Perfection. OK, maybe a Gio Ponti vase.

Steven Gambrel? Well, for me, yes. Could I stand to leave him in the box, or would I need to bring him out to help with furniture placement? He'd have his labradoodle, Dash, by his side.

Ruthie Sommers? Blue and white porcelain to pile around? Yes, Courtney would be camping out at Target to be the first one on her block. Fifty-one mentions. Sister, you might need therapy.

All black and white photos, except Truex, Influential Interiors, Suzanne Trocme. Truex from his biography by Adam Lewis. Wearstler, Modern Glamour. Thomas O'Brien, Inspired Styles. Gambrel, House and Garden. Sommers via Alkemie.