Having a Ball

The cover of Charlotte Moss's soon to be released book.

Oh, I do love a white blouse.  In almost any setting.  With jeans, a pencil skirt or a ball gown.

Mary McDonald, image courtesy of StyleCourt.

Clearly, I'm not alone.  While this seems to be a designer go-to favorite, I don't really see it that much around town.

Windsor Smith, image courtesy of, um,  StyleCourt. (Thanks, Courtney, you're an easy mark.)

Sleeves rolled up is definitely the way to go.  (Easy and Elegant, am I on your turf?  Please weigh in.)

So, I have a little fete this summer which calls for a ball gown.  It is a nice change, after all, from my regular uniform of denim and black.

This image, and the one above, Carolina Herrera, courtesy of The Peak of Chic.

And, while I wouldn't put myself in the same category as Charlotte, Mary, Windsor and Carolina, I think I could carry it off.

This just caught my eye at Brooks Brothers.  Yes, Brooks Brothers.  Sleeves rolled up, neck open a bit more (nothing scandalous) turquoise beads, maybe?  Oh, how I'm shamelessly dreaming of June.