I'm Grouchy, Pop Quiz

I'm originally from Tulsa, after a brief stint in Atlanta, and if you don't think Tulsa is Southern, well, you've never been there. In personality and in climate, Tulsa has a Southern feel. When I was at KU, you could count on "home" being about ten degrees warmer than "school" at almost any time.

Kansas City is the Midwest. I adore it. It's a lot like Tulsa. Except for the awful weather. OK, I might be a bit grouchy, as it is MARCH and it's still freezing here and I received an e:mail alert Sunday night about a potential snow day on Monday. It didn't happen, but the whole thing is making me a little bit mean.
And, we haven't had a pop quiz in a while, so here we go. Since I am jonesing for the beach, I present you with a vintage designer number. The cool stone of the first floor would be heaven on your bare feet as you're in from the beach. And the entry reminds me a bit of Hadley's (last?) house in France.

Crisp, simple beach houses are heaven. But a touch of black never hurt anything.

Ah, the klismos inspired chair, happy to see you here in Florida.

One, two, three. Just what I need for those beach-weary, sun-kissed boys. Now cast your votes, I'll be back today with a current layout from this designer.