Jackye Lanham, and I'm So Sorry!

I have a bit of high-school hangover. Every now and then I can get a little, well, touchy. As of 9:30 this morning, not one comment. Hmmmm....maybe this little game had run it's course. Maybe everyone had a morning meeting.

Then I was back home at 2:00 and nothing, still. I thought I was doomed to blogger loserville. Even mean-spirited "anonymous" had not checked in to criticize my usage of the term "jonesing." I was all but baiting him, but nothing.

But, wait, I can almost always count on a few of my fellow bloggers to check in. What was going on? Apparently, blogger was not e:mailing comments to me and they had stacked up a bit. Kudos to Marion in Kentucky who "named that designer" by 8:00 AM.

The first layout this morning was Jackye Lanham's own beach house from House and Garden, August of 1992. This one is her work for Deanna and Kenneth Kirchman, Southern Accents this July.
And, of course, all my friends were there, including annoying anon who thinks I am not cool and cannot use the terms "hood" or "jonesing." He totally took the bait.
Please forgive my temporary bout of insecurity. For a moment, I forgot who my friends are.