See Michael Run

This is Michael Bruno. Michael runs 1st dibs, a jazzy internet resource for antiques, objets and all things fabulous. Oh, and in his spare time (well, I do know he has a little help) he created one of the best on-line magazines around.

A few months ago, a pesky blogger ("A what?" "A blogger, you know like web log?" "I thought that was only for kids.") started pestering Michael to come to Kansas City. Our dealers, she claimed, are top notch. Dibs-worthy. You must.
In an effort to get her off his back, Michael e:mailed and said, "How 'bout we profile you on the site?" That seemed scary. But Jennifer had gone first, and it looked great, and I learned new things about her which was fun.

All they needed was a little information, and a head shot. A head shot? Um, I'm a Midwestern housewife, as a species we are lacking in the head shot department. But my fabulous editor at Spaces, Zim Loy, stepped in to save the day. She helped locate a photographer (the lovely and patient Aaron Leimkuehler), and made a surprise visit the day of the shoot.

I think it went well, don't you. OK, you're right, that's Barbara Barry. I wish I looked that relaxed. I don't. Zim assured me, "Everyone hates to get their picture taken." Clearly, except Barbara Barry - she looks fabulous.

Jump on over to 1st dibs and check out the blogosphere feature. Then keep checking, I happen to know they have some great ones planned. Besides bloggers, there are great features on designers, shop owners and tastemakers.

I'm so flattered, you can't imagine. Many thanks to Marcia Sherrill and Patricia Dobashi, wonderful writers and women, both, for walking me through it. And, Michael? I'm forever grateful. I'll tell you all about it when you come to Kansas City.