Monday, March 17, 2008


I am being held captive by a high-end design magazine. They are trying to make me see the appeal of the continuing coverage of hotels, cars and the homes of pop star do-it-yourselfers. In an effort to make me see the value of their content, they have locked me in a room with piles and piles of entirely positive reader mail.

I'm kidding. I am at the beach with limited internet access. I had posts written in advance and was hoping to publish while we were watching the dolphins. I will check in when I can, but promise to be back next Monday.

Rosie, sadly, was left behind, and I am missing her terribly. As an "unsuccessful boarder" she is in her own home with a friend. (Like her mistress, she does not always adapt well to change. This part of the missive is entirely for my dear friend, Liz, who worries that some design-obsessed cyber-stalker is ready to pounce on the dream house.)

Can't wait to catch up on my blog favorites when I return!


pve design said...

Enjoy! Hope you are being waited on hand and foot.
We shall miss you.

Anonymous said...

Have a good vacation Mrs. B. I too would be missing Rosie. She won my heart a few blogs ago.

ALL THE BEST said...

Hope you are having a great time!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Thanks to you all - we had a fabulous time, but it's always good to come home. If we'd been gone two weeks, Rosie would have to come with.