Dining By Design - A Fantasy

After yesterday's mention of the Dining by Design event, an anonymous reader asked, "What WOULD you have tossed together for a table setting, given the time?" Oh, yes. This is great fun. What, indeed? Let's assume no budget as that will make it loads more appealing. First the basics. Round table for ten, white under cloth, bamboo chairs, black. I'd have to start with Le Lac, square overlay, two-inch black grosgrain ribbon at the hem. An additional 3/4 inch ribbon, 3/4 inches in from the larger one. The corners would just break on the floor so the white of the bottom cloth would just cut the pattern a bit. I might have four black tassels at the ready just in case; I fear it would be too much.

Large, outdoor lantern suspended magically from the ceiling. (You might be over these, but I've adored them since way before they were the rage.)

A mass of white peonies in

a giant Oscar de la Renta bowl from Lunt. Just a hint of that turquoise peeking through. Yum.

I'd love to use the Muehling candlesticks, but am afraid they don't have a spot at the table.

Tiffany Bamboo flatware.

Baccarat crystal. There's a lot going on here, we need to give our eyes a little rest. To top it off, big, oversized white linen napkins from Sharyn Blonde with my monogram in white, also oversized.

And, no evening is complete without Mr. Blandings across the table. He's what makes any night a party.

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