Friend of a Friend

You know how things happen.  You notice something, or someone, and all of a sudden it or him or her seems to be everywhere.  I saw the opening of Lee Bowers's show in the paper a couple of weeks ago.  "Oh.  Wonderful.  I wish we could go, except we have to..." and, of course, now, I can't even remember what kept us from it.

Then, at Suzanne Cooper's, I noticed a stack of cards with a striking drawing on the front.  As much as I enjoy color in rooms, I gravitate to black and white art.

"Suzanne, do you know her?" I inquired.  Naturally.  All the best people are connected.  "She's a dear friend of Kathy Kelly!"  Kathy Kelly is, in my opinion, one of the best designers in the city.  She worked with one of my friends and every time I'm over there I just want to stand in the rooms and look.  No talking.  Just take it in.

So, I emailed Kathy to see if I could get Lee's contact info, so I could post about her work.  (In this case, it's not just designer-stalking a la Gambrel.  I actually know Kathy; she has been wonderfully supportive as I have floundered around in the two worlds of motherhood and design.)

Alone at Last, all works charcoal on marble dusted paper.
Lee Bowers is a native Kansan who now splits her time between here and Santa Fe.  She has had a successful career in designing and directing animated graphics and special effects for film and television, both in Kansas City and in L.A.  Which would be a funny combination.  If you don't believe me, ask Megan.

Loose Pines.
She is now committing herself full time to her painting and drawing.  Inspired by the Flint Hills, Loose Park, Northern New Mexico and the Cotswold District in England, I think her works are both elegant and strong, graphic and natural.

Blue Swallow Skyview.
Her show, Loose and Over the Pond runs through May 19th at the Greenlease Gallery.  
And Kathy's full name, by the way, is Kathleen.  Just to tie it up with a bow.