It's My Pleasure

One of my favorite trade showrooms here in town is Designers' Only.  They carry a lot of the English lines, as well as Brunschwig and Ralph.  Last year they picked up Clarence House and I was in hog heaven.

Out on one of the tables are two promotional brochures by the artist, and Executive Vice President of Clarence House, Kazumi Yoshida.  I'm always wondering if anyone will notice if I slip these into my over-sized memo bag.

Obviously, you can see how some of these pieces relate directly to the fabrics and wallpapers that Yoshida is responsible for producing.

I think these would be charming framed as well, you know, if you did accidentally pick one up somewhere.

Or, if shoplifting makes you squeamish, you could buy a little piece of Yoshida's art in a limited edition candle that he designed for Estee Lauder for their pleasures fragrance.  A second in a series of limited edition packaging, this comes just in time for Spring.

Lovely florals outside, lovely florals inside.  And art.  

Just a couple of life's little pleasures.