No Excuses

Think I'm in over my head with my little volunteer endeavor?  Perhaps I'm not posting because I'm booked from carpool to carpool with mani-pedi, hi-lite and botox for the big event.

One true sacrifice I'm making this weekend is missing our local DIFFA chapter's Dining by Design.  I'm giving you some of the highlights from last year's event in order to tempt you down to the Crown Center exhibit hall this weekend if you happen to be "in town."

No matter how busy you are, you should be able to make it to see the fabulous tables.  Friday from 5 - 9 you can drop in with no reservations and pay $25 at the door for Beringer wine pairings with yummy treats from some of KC's top restaurants.

Saturday, sneak in midday from 10 - 12.  Only $10 just to snoop around.

At loose ends for date night?  Check and see if you can still get tickets to the dinner and auction Saturday night; you can see from last year's pics that the atmosphere will be divine.

And you can see if I decided to pop the AD Designers' Own Homes in my donation bag or not.  The clock is ticking and the devil on my left shoulder seems to be making a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, I'm getting the slow-blink from the angel on the other shoulder.  The firm set of her jaw and crossed arms are hard to ignore.  Maybe the masseuse will knock her loose.