Peak Perception

Jennifer is nearly always right.  Her comment on yesterday's post led me to Tory Burch's apartment in Vogue Living, Houses, Garden, People.  I own the book.  I've looked through it a dozen times, but sometimes your perspective changes.  Now that Jennifer had pointed out the Walton Ford painting in the entry, I noticed how many things on this one page were in keeping with my style stalwarts.

First, boys playing in the house.  Pure joy.  Oversized art.  Lacquer.  Conical light.  A little gilt.  A little black and white - and ticking - and bunk beds for the boys.  Large white pottery jar.  Blue and red used beautifully together as tribute to the Jayhawks.  OK, maybe that wasn't Tory's intent.

Mr. Blandings is checking in as I study and write.  "Auction?  Still?"  "Mmmhmm.   I'll be right up."  Like a kid with the flashlight under the covers, I just can't let it go.

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