Did I mention I'm co-chairing the boys' school auction?  Oh.  I did?  If you think you don't want to hear it again, imagine how Mr. Blandings feels.  I'm distracted and disorganized and certainly not getting around to all the stuff I really want to be doing.  But, I did manage a little work last week, and noticed one of the new colorways of Dzhambul by Brunschwig & Fils that Courtney has mentioned.  Fabulous.

And when I returned home today, after working at school all day (not that I'm complaining) there was the new Elle Decor waiting for me like a trusty friend.  

I didn't have a lot of time to catch up, but, like all good friends, she delivered just what I needed.  I was a little bitter, as she looks absolutely flawless, while I am a bit haggard and tired.  She didn't mention it, of course.  We'll sit down for a long visit soon, but somehow, just knowing she's there makes all the difference.