This Just In

I'm working on my next article for Spaces, so I've been dashing all around town to take in the latest.  My column is called "Hunters & Gatherers," so it's my job to get out and about a bit.  I consider myself lucky if I can hunt, maintain a bit of control, and not gather.  At least not too much.

The sister shop to the antique shop I worked in, George Terbovich, which will soon be larger and carry both antiques and a careful selection of really good things that you cannot get just anywhere, has some great stuff in for Spring.

The bisque fruit, above is hand sculpted and painted.  The stems are actual stems, but the leaves are made of metal.  

The only problem with these canvas bags is figuring out which one to buy.  Or buy first.

Again, it's not "if", it's "which?"  The stitching on these quilts is actually brown.  I was not their only admirer while I was there; one of the best designers in town was also taking a look-see.

Connie Beall, George's manager and buyer, has expanded her selections in anticipation of the larger space.  She has a stylish selection of clothing including these breezy white linen pieces.  (A harbinger of Spring, I hope.)

Naturally, the black and white caught my eye.

These scarves are chic and would be just the thing to pick up a tired ensemble.  That frayed edge reminded me of some pocket squares that the Sartorialist profiled in GQ a couple of months ago.  (Oh, yes, you have to read the men's magazines.  The writing is almost always better.)

Bags, too.  No labels, as George doesn't approve of such things.  Adore the white, but somehow I always end up with that British tan.  

Depending on how you look at it, I did well.  I got to catch up with some wonderful women and spy some goodies, all under the guise of working.  And I didn't buy a thing.  Yet.