And They're Off!

Welcome to Camp Blandings where the three young inhabitants will begin the summer filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

We will swim and play golf, walk to Brookside and likely hike in Colorado.  I will make every effort to keep the electronic demons in check.

At some point the season will make an ugly transition and it will become "too hot for the pool."

But for now, we begin summer again and even I cannot forget the feeling of your world breaking wide open when the bell rings for the last time.  Exultation and relief.

Even for the resident camp counselor, who often stands head in hand wondering if this was really what I signed up for, the last day of school is always a good day.

Because of a cooler spring, the peony hedge in the front is a little late in blooming this year.  Its stalks are usually heavy with blossoms for Mother's Day, but this year we had to wait a bit.

So yesterday, when we drove up, car crammed with boys and backpacks and cubby labels and artwork, the peonies greeted us like fireworks, welcoming us home to days of laughter and lounging and beastly boredom.  Summer in the Dream House begins today.