Bull's Eye

The new issue of Spaces came yesterday. Its focus is second homes and it is spot on. One of the things I like best is that most of the features are second homes within driving distance of KC.

Dan Auman and Kirby McCullough wanted a country house within an hour-and-a-half of the city. They scoured their determined radius from east to west before they settled on two adjacent lots in Arrow Rock, Missouri.

I haven't been to Arrow Rock, but know folks who have hit the jackpot in its antique shops. I have stayed in a family home in nearby Glasgow and the countryside is picturesque and lovely.

Auman and McCullough used the floor plan of the George Caleb Bingham house in town as the jumping off point for their new construction.

Clean and fresh, the owners wanted to express a different side of themselves here. Their home in town is mid-century modern and they were wanting something a little "different."

The house has a country aesthetic, certainly, but you can see the modernist influence here. Spare lines, un-fussy curtains and upholstery and graphic art give the owners room to breathe.

Ultimately, it was the people they met there who drew them in and made them feel at home. With only 32 full-time residents, my guess is they pick you as much as you pick them.

Looks like a match made in heaven.

Photography by Landon Collins.