Crystal Clear

Yesterday morning the two older Blandings boys had orthodontist appointments. (Are we going to have to hear about her errands all summer?" Well, maybe.) As is usually the case, I ran into a good friend and got to catch up while my two were being evaluated and hers was being fitted for a new retainer. Broken. Ouch.

After she left and before I was called back to see what sort of damage genetics had wreaked, and what sort of residual damage that would cause to my checkbook, I had a chance to flip through O Home.

I didn't get far before I stumbled on these lanterns from Juliska. I have liked their glassware from the get-go, though thought they suffered from a bit of over-exposure for a while.

But these are dreamy. I like them individually, but they seem to want to group, no?

The round sea urchin looking one would be great fun at the beach either in a dressing room or a few over the kitchen island.

I love the starkness of the clear glass with the detail of the embellishments. And no detail has been lost on the function; the bulbs are brilliant.

As was my mother who always said, "You should be an orthodontist. They work 3 1/2 days a week, get paid up front - and how many orthodontic emergencies can there be?" She knew as she had shuttled me and my sister back and forth through inherited cross bites and common crookedness. Thank goodness that light bulb did not go off. To think I almost missed the fame and fortune of being a former grade school auction chair.