Holy Grail

My pulse always jumps a bit when I see the email from Dessin Fournir with that optimistic subject line "New Releases."

I've always marveled at the creative process. Artists of every kind astound me. Musicians particularly because I am so decidedly unmusical, the thought of being able to string notes together to make a happy noise seems mystifying. Then the thought of different happy noises, different than anyone has created, well, that is the kind of thing that can make me take to my bed.
These kinds of mental puzzles often make me call Mr. Blandings in the middle of the day and announce things right after he has answered like, "I'm not sure I'm a Christian." I can picture him at his desk, phone in hand, lines blinking while he replies in a moderated tone, "Really? Hey, honey, can we talk about this when I get home?"
I mean, I'm a creative sort myself, but much more a copy cat than an innovative mind.
But I can appreciate that gift when I see it. The "Oh!" that escapes at the wonder of the new.

Many of Dessin Fournir's pieces make me feel that way and I don't care how many times I see that perfect dining room table in one layout or another, I will always think of it as mine.

But Chuck Comeau, the company's founder, is an innovator of another kind as well. Do check Cottage Living this month to see their profile of what he is doing in Hays and Plainville, Kansas. There is also a video on their web site. He's my kind of savior.