Just One Word

Kansas City is the kind of place that has more like two degrees of separation than six. As I was working out yesterday and recounting the antics of the weekend nearly every woman there was saying, "Who? Oh, right, his sister was in my class." or "His mother is a good friend of mine." or "I think she's listing a house on our street." Like that.

Today, I'm introducing something terrific from Mr. Blanding's boyhood neighbor's nephew's wife. Got it?

Lara Shelton, originally from Indianapolis, married a nice boy from "our town." She has two little boys, and to create an escape from the trucks and sippy cups she has started her own line of melamine plates.

I adore melamine for it's smoothness and the slightly matte finish and the fact that it is nearly indestructable. Lara has dreamed up some jazzy designs for La Plates and I think the monograms and personalizing are so great because they are so BIG. Nothing says fabulous to me like a big, oversized anything.

Check out her site. The plates are customizable by pattern, color, type style, nearly anything. Mrs. Blanding's readers will receive a 10% discount through June 1st by entering the code laplates10. Summer's right around the corner. These are just the thing for beach, pool or lake - or pbj's while you're running through the sprinkler.