Let's Dish

Certainly, only good things could come from a room like this.  The sunlight alone would fill you with joy and happily serve as muse each and every day.  This is the studio of Mae Mougin, a ceramist who lives in Southampton, New York.

Mougin is featured in the current issue of domino, but that is not where I first saw her work.  One of the shops that represents her is Bloom, in Sag Harbor.  Bloom is spare and clean like a  Helmut Lang dress.  It's the kind of place you walk in and think, "Hmm... awkward, there are, like, three things in here."  Then it all comes into focus.

Mougin's ceramics are among the treasures.  Obviously, each is handmade, you can see that, but the pieces can be personalized as well.  

My big city friend has dishes with his house number stamped on the rim.  Delicious.

Have your hot dogs and burgers on these, the polar opposite of paper with all of the charm of the easy, outdoor living icon.

It would be so easy, would it not, to put all your eggs in this charming basket?

Visit Mougin's site for retail locations.  You won't be surprised that there are only seven.