Monday, June 30, 2008

Chic Treat

Of all the wonderful things blogging has brought me, the introduction to creative and talented people is the most thrilling.  What a treat Saturday night to be included in a dinner in honor of Heather Clawson, blogland's own Habitually Chic.

It was a lively crowd, and HC has done a much better job than I would have capturing the evening.  I'm thrilled that Kansas City made such a nice impression; now you will know I'm not on the take from the Chamber of Commerce.  (I'm not.  Really.)

My editor, Zim Loy was a gracious and lovely hostess and we were all treated to the magic of her culinary cohort, Merrily Jackson, who is aptly named.  The highlight of the evening, besides the sparkling conversation, was Merrily's dreamy coconut cake.  Even if you don't think you like coconut, you'll be begging for a second piece.

Miss Merrily's Heavenly Coconut Cake

1 18.5 oz box yellow cake mix, the kind with pudding
3 eggs
1 c. whole milk
1/3 c. vegetable oil


2.5 c. heavy whipping cream
1.5 c. sour cream
1.75 c powdered sugar
1 7 oz. can Baker's sweetened coconut

Prepare cake according to package directions, substituting milk for water.  Bake, as directed in two round cake pans.  Cool and split each layer, making four thin layers.  Prepare frosting by whipping cream and sour cream together until soft peaks form.  Whip in sugar, then stir in most of the coconut, reserving about a quarter cup.  Frost top of each layer, stack and frost sides.  Sprinkle reserved coconut over top.  Serves 12.

Can be make a day ahead.

Mrs. Blandings, left, Habitually Chic, obviously, right.  Recipe originally printed in Spaces Magazine Oct./Nov. '06.


Marie Louise said...

How great that you two got together. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I once knew a flight attendant who was living in NYC with her French boyfriend and trying to convince him to move back home with her to KC. She told me how beautiful it was there.

maison21 said...

how cute are the two of you!

willow said...

Fun to see your smiling face! And always fun to hear the latest from KC.

Style Court said...

You both look great!

The Peak of Chic said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Cute photo!

Mary Buek said...

Saw you and Mrs. Blandings blog in the Star. Nice to be able to put a face to the name. You are usually the only design blog I read, but thanks for mentioning Petunia Face a while ago; I enjoy her blog, too.

Anonymous said...

You both look so chic! Sounds like a great time. I want to visit Kansas. Never knew all that was there. Fun!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Thanks for all of your nice comments - it was such a fun night.

Mary - thanks for noticing - my boys sort of shrugged and said, "Can we have pancakes?" Maybe if they made me into a Lego they'd work up a little excitement.

Poppy said...

Getting out the iron right now to spiff up my white tops/sundresses! You gals look great!

Pigtown-Design said...

It sounds like a great time was had by all!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Poppy - or you can go my route - Brooks Brothers no iron saves the day.

linda said...

You two look so great!

pve design said...

both you gals look as fresh as "coconut"
in your spiffy whites!
that cake sounds as delightful as the two of you!

Karena said...

Darling Photo of you both! Zim is a great hostess; I have been at a Spaces Holiday Party at her home. It has been renovated beautifully.Plus, I am thrilled to have Merrily's Heavenly Coconut Cake recipe!

girl meets glamour said...

You guys are so chic, love the pic!! And thanks for the recipe, I am addicted to anything coconut!


erika - urban grace interiors said...

yall are so darn cute. looks like you coordinated your attire!!